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Outdoor Movie Screening

Gurlove Singh Ratol


It was an honour to screen my short film 'Rabb Mileya' at LVIFF. The communication of organisers was apt and I feel such film festivals should be lauded for their unbiased approach towards appreciating cinema.

Yoginee Arul


Awesome communication . Perfect networking. Neat hospitality. Good Quality. Value-worth to submit. 

Sammie Johnson


Lakeview International Film Festival, 
Is a top tier operation ran by true patrons of the Arts. My team and I appreciate all of the love they have shown our debut film "Quintessential The Movie"...they are rated 5 stars in all categories from me. This is an amazing festival...much love from Dallas to India.

Donna Greenberg


Honoured to win the Best D.O.P. of the Month award for May 2018 for my music video "The Twilight" from this wonderful festival. Thanks for also selecting officially my other music video "Living on the Outside". Highly recommended for all aspiring filmmakers!

Velton Lishke


fantastic festival, great communication and i loved been part of this , i also got a great certificate for wining